What is an average price of a project?

Project's are very difficult to cost, however one view can be around £400, 2 views £600, 3 views £780 etc. But for an accurate quote, please send your information to us. 

What is the average timescale of a project?

This can be around 1-3 weeks, however this depends on the current workload and the size of project, so please contact us in advance to ensure we can meet your deadlines. 

What information is required to produce the visuals?

In an ideal world, we require information regarding the elements you want seen in the view, such as floor plans, elevations, photos, furniture schedules and material specifications. If its more conceptual we can work with less, however as we know getting all this information can be hard! 

Can the visuals be seen throughout the process?

The visuals can be seen as much or as little as you require! Render times can vary though so generally it is best to ask for a preview at the end of each day. We render each night at the end of the working day and send a link to the client for them to see progress and to add comments. 

What is the final image size?

We can render from sizes A4 to A1 to suit your project. 

Where is the design studio?

From Huddersfield Road A644, follow the signs for the Mirfield train station located on Station Road. Going past Lidl and under the bridge, take the first left up the cobbled road towards the train station car park, When at the top of the road, the car park is on the left; go straight up through the metal fence entrance past the taxi rank. At the back of the compound, you will see our building on the right hand side and you will find our design studio on ground floor.