what we do

Zero zero one specialises in producing 3d computer generated images for architects, interior and exhibition designers.

It is our understanding from client feedback that they experience difficulties visualising 2d plans, elevations or detailed drawings whereas they have a clear view of what to expect with a 3d image or walkthrough.

Zero zero one's expertise is in translating these flat and lifeless technical drawings into simple 3d visual images for all to understand.

We convert anything from primitive on-site sketches ("the back of a fag packet") to fully detailed design work. We have the skills and expertise to help you communicate your ideas to your clients in a cost effective manner utilising 3d computer generated visuals or animations.


CGI, 3d visuals, illustrations, renders, visualiser, visualizer, photo montage, artistic representation ...at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what you call it or how you spell it, we draw pretty pictures for a living!

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3D Visuals

Interiors & Exterior visuals

Virtual reality


Axonometric Views


Photo montage

Product visuals



Interior working drawing packages

Space planning

Floor plans

General CAD work


Additional Services

Brand development

Site surveys

Logistic/welfare plans (2d &3d)

Crime scene reconstruction

Technical design services

Photoshop work